Horus 2012 31 300w

The Horus

Horus.. the falcon Egyptian God of the sky.

  • These are lighter than other terminators. Designed with golf Croquet in mind where you are playing just one ball..
  • They are just under 2lbs so you can play AC with them but there are better and easier options for that.



Horus Heads look like a block of wood ?

  • They clearly have a timber look...BUT/AND.. the good stuff is all inside and hidden.
  • This cutaway shows how there is a large chunk of lead weighting hidden behind the striking face. This weight (at each end) gives the Horus some of the same properties of its big brothers. Terminal weighting that helps to keep them online.
  • The Tufnell striking faces are a traditional material that was used way back on the Model T Fords in the engines !  It is tough and withstands impact really well AND it's fibrous nature means it can be glued easily.
  • Those big stainless steel screws are pocketed into the back of the faces so that the glue dovetails the faces/screws in place.
  • Your Horus is fully interchangeable with the CarbonX and the BlackBirds so you can upgrade whenever you are ready.