How do I order?  (and pay)

  • eMail me with the bits you want (and any questions) your delivery address, and mobile phone number.
  • add your credit card number... (just the number) THEN when I respond to your email and confirm delivery dates, you can send me your expiry date and the security number off the back.
  • Credit Card has been very successful over 14 years without any problem.
  • PayPal Yes I can do that AND it is the only method I use with one client. It is a bit of a pain though at my end so I try to stay away from it.

Direct Credit

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

My lifetime....  If it fails I'll fix it at no charge to you...

  • Freight is on a "no fault" basis.  You pay the freight to me and I'll pay the freight back to you. That is:-.. You send it courier... I'll send it back courier. You send it snail-mail I'll send it snail-mail
  • International.. Important.. Put on your docket "damaged goods for repair"  AND "Value $20" This will save agro at my end with the "Men in black"


  • Consumables like end faces
  • Wear and tear
  • Stuff that might be covered by your household insurance like:-
  • I lost it
  • The dog chewed it
  • Someone ran the car over it
  • The burglar used it to pry open a window
  • After they found it in the duck-pond it was wet.
  • BTW I didn't have to invent these exclusions.. All true!


It's the putting right that counts.

Removing your head.... (ouch !!) ...

When the time comes to remove your head (for travel or upgrading)

  • Undo the screw on the bottom about 5~6mm that's about 4 turns.
  • (Lefty~loosy)
  • Now find some smooth concrete (no not the kitchen lino) and ...holding the mallet by the top of the handle... jerk quickly downwards.
  • So that the head screw smacks into the concrete.... and the head keeps going.
  • Undo the screw fully and slide the head off the shaft.

If the handle won't come off... then the best thing is to give me a call


When the time comes to reassemble...

  • Give the spigot (the bit that goes into the head) a wipe with some anti corrosive like lanolin (Vaseline , Hand cream  or even sunscreen is ok)

  • Then slide it all together and reassemble with the bottom screw and your Allen Key

  • (Righty~Tighty)  1/4 Turn final



Can I start with a Horus head

then change up later ?

  • Your Horus is fully interchangeable with the CarbonX and the BlackBirds so you can upgrade whenever you are ready


How do I measure the length of a handle ?

Always measure from the ground.

If I ask "How tall are you?"... I bet you measure your height from the ground.

  • So... do the same with your mallet... measure from the ground to the top
  • You might be surprised how many measure from the top of the head.
  • I wonder if they measure their own height from the top of their shoes ?


He said the handle should come up to my belly button !

That would depend on several things...

  • What style do you play ? Solomon's, Standard, Irish.
  • Irish will be a shorter handle. (790~860) Most popular .840
  • Solomon's and Standard will be longer (often 890~1.050) Most popular .910
  • Do you stand upright ? Players of a certain age should avoid bending over.
  • Keep your hands to the top and together.
  • Notice there is a spare inch ~25mm in the two right hand photos.
  • Always measure from the ground.


He said I need a 3 pound mallet !

Ah huh... This is a carry-over from last century.. probably in the 70's and before when most mallets had wooden handles that were glued in. The mallets were weighed as a complete item... Handle and head all together. These days we tend to measure the weight of the head. 1kg=2lb 3 (and a bit) ounces.

  • The head is the bit that does the work. (Hammer and nail)
  • Balls weigh one pound (16oz) each.. 2 balls weigh 2 pounds
  • Handles don't really weigh very much these days.
  • Horus heads weigh ~2lbs, CarbonXtremes 2lb3oz, BlackBirds  Rainbows 2lb5oz
  • For G.C. go lighter (Horus or other "Light")
  • For A.C. go to 2lb3oz~whaterver rocks your boat.
  • What do I play with? AC & GC, 12.5" (310mm) 0.950kg. (just over 2lbs)
  • Most popular? CarbonXtreme 280, 1kg.


I want a handle shape .....

  • That is thicker~thinner~squared~shaped for comfort... What can you do for me?
  • I've put some videos on youtube that show how to do some of these things  
  • If that doesn't work, just give me a call and we'll have a chat.


  1. Send me an email...
  2. Text me on    843-422-7766
  3. Phone me on 843-422-7766 (don't leave a message )